Dr. Weimin Quan is a Research Professor in the Ministry of Agriculture’s Key Laboratory of East China Sea, based at the East China Sea Fishery Research Institute in the Chinese Academy of Fishery Science, Shanghai. Weimin and his team which includes researchers Ruling Fan and Yunlong Wang carry out field sampling at the Liyashan oyster reef at Jiangsu Province, China, along with other reefs in the Yangtze Delta. The collaborative research conducted with the Humphries Lab is focused on the ecological assessment, conservation, and restoration of oyster reefs in China and has been an ongoing funded program since 2010. Our partnership represents the first group to restore oyster reefs in China and document fish and invertebrate use along with reef development.   

Dr. Quan obtained his bachelor degree at Yangtze University, masters degree of ecology at Zhejiang University, and PhD of ecology at Fudan University.