Karizma Fahlevy

Karizma recently completed his undergraduate degree in marine science and technology at Bogor Agricultural University (Indonesia). During his studies, Karizma participated in the university scientific diving organization where he honed his skills in coral identification and later mentored new students. Currently, Karizma is working as a free-lance field researcher and has participated in coral reef ecosystem monitoring in Pramuka Island, Kiluan Island, Lombok, Sepa Island, Parigi, and he helped me gather data for my dissertation in Wakatobi National Park. In addition to coral identification, Karizma has experience collecting physical oceanographic data, bleaching surveys, biorock monitoring, mangrove monitoring and transplantation, and some experience with GIS methods.


Ester Restiana

Ester completed her bachelor’s degree at Raja Ali Haji Maritime University in Indonesia. During her undergraduate studies she conducted research on coral diseases. Currently Ester is a master’s student at Bogor Agricultural University in Indonesia. Ester’s thesis focuses on metagenomic analysis of coral reef fish using environmental DNA methods. After Ester completed her master’s she hopes to continue research on genetics and ecology, specifically in coral reef ecosystems.


Ahmed Albar

Albar trained as a merchant marine before returning to his native village of Mola, Wakatobi, where he wears many hats. In addition to working as a landings data collector for the Humphries Lab, Albar is an employee of the Wanci Harbormaster's office and a guide who guides dolphin watching and spear fishing trips.


Riko Firdaus

A native of Mola, Wakatobi, Riko  grew up fishing and boating. He recently completed an undergraduate degree in English and Education at Universitas Haluoleo in Kendari, SE Sulawesi.


sardin tajudin

A senior at Universitas Haluoleo, Kendari, SE Sulawesi, Sardin is completing his thesis for a fisheries and agribusiness degree. His study subject is on conflict among sardine fishers using purse seines and coral fishers using bombs in his native community of Morowali, SE Sulawesi.


La Ode Maswanto

Hailing from Wakatobi's most distant island of Binongko, Anto is a senior at Universitas Haluoleo, Kendari, SE Sulawesi. A fisheries and agribusiness major, Anto is writing his undergraduate thesis on factors affecting the development of seaweed cultivation on the Wakatobi island of Wanci.


Cahya Himawan

A student from the Department of Biology at the University of Mataram, Awan is really passionate about studying marine invertebrates, especially corals. Awan is also interested in coral reef fishes. Awan recently received his diving certificate and participated in Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and Coral Reef Rehabilitation and Management Project (COREMAP) program for coral reef ecosystem monitoring evaluation in West Nusa Tenggara region of Indonesia. He is currently finishing his undergraduate thesis about coral diversity in Sekotong Bay, SW Lombok. Awan has experience in coral reef, seagrass and mangrove ecosystem monitoring and was recently certified by LIPI (Indonesian Institute of Sciences) in data collecting for macrobenthos fauna in coral reef ecosystem. Awan will be helping the Humphries Lab collect fish landings data from fishers in Sekotong, Lombok in 2018 and 2019.