Scientific research if often very technical and does not translate well to the public. Communicating findings to a broad audience can be difficult for scientists, but it is a critical step in the experimental process and increases research impact. Using film or other visual media can be an effective way to share research and tell stories. We believe in reaching audiences outside the academic hallways. 

The goal of working with collaborators and different media in communicating our science is to convey our findings in creative ways. The products from this ongoing work will provide audiovisual tools and other products to the public. We work with various artists and designers, including Shed Light CreativePennington Productions, Sea Stoke Magazine, and Gordon Holden.

Our completed projects include: op-ed in the Providence Journal [link], fieldwork videos [Misool] [Raja Ampat] [Lombok], informational video on the Aquaculture and Fisheries Science program at URI [link], new media [link], a documentary film [link], graphic design [link], and a few popular articles [link] [link].